Free Mommy & Me Class


 対象年齢: 0ヶ月から15ヶ月のお子様とその保護者様


(クラス名はMommy & Meと言いますが、お母様に限らずお父様や祖父母の方、ベビーシッターの方もお子様と一緒にご参加いただけます)

For children aged 0-15 months and their parents (I call it Mommy & Me, but dads, grandparents and babysitters are welcome to bring their children) 








In each class, you can visit other adults and babies, play with your children in the playroom, and sing and dance to English songs. There is a circle time of Hello door goodbye. Don't worry, you can join even if you don't speak English! 

是非とても楽しいmommy & meクラスにご参加ください。

Join my fun class with mom.






Limit to 4 Mommies and Babies per class to keep classes small.  Classroom and all toys sanitized and masks required.


Mondays from 3:30-4:00 
FREE  0Yen
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