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Our Playground is taking shape!

Our dream for our playground is to be a place of escape, where children enter another world of exploration, imagination and CHILDHOOD! This week, we had some great natural features added that are open ended and will no doubt delight our children's sense of play and hands on learning!

An oasis of childhood!

Children can add sticks & fabric to build more onto their shelter, pretend it is their igloo, living room, cave..... the possibilities are endless! I know that many "meals" will be shared around this table.

Digging and digging and more digging! Tires are on hand for children to roll, build, climb through. Our playground is open ended and will forever be changing based on what the children imagine! We provide the loose parts and framework and children take it from there!

Look are our dirt river... or is it lava??? I can't wait to see how this will evolve in the children's hands. As you can see, we provide opportunities for calculated risks for our children. The logs might roll, the children will need to assess the risk, try, evaluate, amend their course of action. It teaches them reasoning, problem solving and engages their body in a different way.

Just add shovels and wheelbarrows to our rock quarry and see the children figure, reason, measure and cooperate!

Oh what delicacies will our mud kitchen create!

Our bike track and grass area.

So many possibilities!

Swinging is such a calming activity, sliding is exhilirating! We can't wait to finish the playground, add the tools and have children playing on it. Did you know we have open play two times a day? Check out our website for more details!

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